Thursday, January 5, 2012

# 3

Goodbye 2011, Hi, 2012.

2012 New Year, new resolution.
What's your resolution?
I have none, just because I'm good enough.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

# 2

Year 3, Gone.
Year 4, Here is it but yet, it is too soon.
Beforehand, a 18 weeks holiday. 
Ya, 18 weeks, 126 days, 3024 hours, 181440 minutes, 10886400 seconds.
Say hello to my good old friend, Mr Holiday.
Nice to meet you, again.
It has been a long long time since we met each other.
This time, for sure, will spend some valuable time with you, hopefully a fruity one. =)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

# 1

Yeah, i am currently a Korean freak, at the moment is for K-Pop music la, still at beginner level. Perhaps a better word, still a partial one. Lol

I found this singer, IU, on Youtube, listen once and it really like UHU glue, stick so hard on my head, can't get it off, for a few days already. Hehehe.

IU, South Korean singer, debuted 24/9, (Oops, reminds me of one of my close friend from Rain Town =)) well known for her clear tone and lyrical sensibility, (from Wikipedia one). Listen to her song, perhaps you can understand what it means. (*Sorry la, i don't have much knowledge on musics, but what i can say is that, it is very nice, a real NICE one !)

IU - Nagging
This song doesn't have any MV, so, just manage to find a live one only.
Basically it is a story about this couple, one keep on nagging out of her concern, and another one just thinking that the nagging is so sweet for him la.
Aiya, 情人眼中出西施嘛,句句都是金玉良言啦, Hahaha~~
P/s super duper like 2.26 to 2.50 & 3.20.
Waa, melting... >.<

IU - Good Day
This one basically the girl like the guy so much and keep practicing saying kind of like "I Love You", to the parrot at home. One find day, she brings her parrot to the shop that the guy she likes owned. Then this parrot (A stupid one, haha!) repeated what the girl said in her house. The girl feels so paiseh (embarrass), then leave the shop. One snowy night, the guy come to her house and return back her parrot.
Wow, and she *hugs* him, so tight ! (Jealous jealous, haha!). But, she is rejected...

*4.45 - 5.00 is just too awesome ! 三段式高音 leh + can sustain for so long ! Awesome la! *Like *Like~~

She does have good & sweet voices!
Yeah ! IU is just too nice la, her voice is going to stick on my head for some time ! ^^

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



" You cannot change the situation, you change. "

没了,对,就是没了,不用再多看,就只有 “ 没有 ”,俩字而已。

即使要做乞丐,也要做个 yeng 的,要有气概的。